Dirt and old oil build up on a arbor .

Dirty  pivots have caused the clock to wear .   

The two pictures above show again what happens when parts are not cleaned and  oiled correctly . Power  is once  released in a snapping motion bending and breaking parts . ( sticking )

Wear from worn pivot !


Worn pivot !

Notice the BLACK  dirt and old dirty oil inside the pivots . When this happens the dirt acts like sandpaper causing wear in the plates making round pivots holes egg shaped . This works much like a car . As the pistons run in the car engine friction is created and breaks down the oil and collects dirt . The oil needs changed removing the  dirt  and sludge . This is what happens  with a clock over a period of years running  day and night.  If a clock is serviced correctly every few years it will last a life time and be on .          

Notice that each picture is a result of a  clock being ran way past the time period which it should have been serviced .  These repairs and replacement of parts could have been avoided if these clocks had been serviced every 2 to 3 years and cleaned ever 5 to 7 . Clocks with brass movements if maintained will last  100 years plus . Clocks become part of your family`s history and can be pasted on for generations to come . 

                                       Each clock has a story behind it. We invite you to share your story behind your clock coming soon.

If clocks are not serviced   parts wear . Notice in this picture how the teeth are not smooth and have worn. 

Notice the teeth are not straight on the drop rack. This clock would strike 3 all day long. 

Each one of the pictures above show black pivots which have worn holes in the plates causing them to become egg shaped instead of round.   

This is a main spring out of a mantle clock . The spring becomes dried out and dirty . This causes the spring to stick creating a snap in power once the spring releases breaking the spring.

    Your clock needs oiled every two to three

years and cleaned five to seven to avoid damage.